How do you know if you’re dealing with enquiries effectively?

business-people-answering-the-phone-call-low-resIn a busy conveyancing office, where everything seems to be moving at 100mph and people wanted everything yesterday. It can often be forgiven if dealing with a ringing phone drops off the to-do list.

Whenever the phone rings, you never know what benefits or how much business you could receive as a result of that call.

How the call is handled can have a huge impact and be the decider on whether you win the work or lose it.

How should my conveyancing team answer the phone?

Here are some tips on how your team should answer the phone.

  • Answer the phone in a timely manner, introducing yourself and the company name
  • Engage with potential clients, giving them an individual experience. Don’t make them feel like they’re just a number
  • Smile when you’re talking on the phone. It may sound silly, but smiling makes a difference to the tone in your voice
  • Ask for the work when providing a client with a quote, or arrange a call back with them if they don’t want to commit

It all sounds easy and straightforward. Some would even describe them as quick wins to implement. But firms are losing business daily, simply because of the way they’re answering, or in many cases, not answering the phones. It’s estimated that £1m worth of new business is missed out on per year, this is the equivalent value of around three request calls a day.

How can we improve our response?

When dealing with client’s, it’s vital that firms get their approach right from the outset.

Before firms can establish how to improve, they first need to get to the root of the problem, discovering where the real issues lie. As internal reviews can present problems in both delay and objectiveness, the best way to obtain an accurate reflection of your firm’s performance is through Mystery Shopping.

This is where The Move Exchange could help. Having an independent party perform a Mystery Shop on your firm, providing pointers on where you could improve takes the hassle and the resource issue away from you. Enabling your team to continue to work on the day to day running of the business.

The Move Exchange would then provide feedback with recommendations that can be implemented to provide a better experience for your prospective clients.

What is offered in the Mystery Shop package?

As part of the Move Exchange’s Mystery Shopping service, we:

  • Call at 4 different times throughout the day to reflect a time where you may be busy
  • Give your team 4 different scenarios which they must respond to
  • Provide a comparison of your firm against others in the market, looking at both service and price
  • Provide you with a detailed report identifying hat happened on each call as well as a score for each section

For your no obligation discussion, please contact Sarah Brocklebank on 0330 223 2913.

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For your no obligation discussion, please contact Sarah Brocklebank on 0330 223 2913.

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