Winning more instructions from existing enquiries

Law firms are still failing to capitalise on enquiries coming in to the business.

Despite the introduction of regulation requiring firms to provide greater transparency in their fee, the failure to provide accurate costings prevents homemovers from making a truly informed decision about whether to instruct.

There are some really simple steps firms can take to help them improve their enquiry handling and win more instructions from existing enquiries.

One of the key metrics for success in any enquiry handling scenario is the ability to build rapport.

But there’s a misconception that building rapport means asking about the weather, or making idle conversation. Building rapport is the process by which you demonstrate your expertise. In doing so you steer clear of the “race to the bottom” and instead convey the value of your firm’s solution.

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There’s plenty of research to corroborate that purchasers don’t purchase purely on price. We do the same in our every day lives… think about the cost of Apple compared to equivalent products and services; the relative value people apply to clothing brands; Is it Heinz ketchup in the fridge or own brand?

If the only choice you give is price, that’s all consumers have to base their decision on.

Building rapport is enabling your prospective clients to evaluate any decision to instruct, not just price.

And the knock-on effect of rapport building and asking questions is you are able to obtain enough information about the transaction to provide a full quotation. This ensures your quotation is reflective of any uplifts (new build, leasehold, Help-to-buy) and any complications which has the potential to impact on your fee.

It’s important not to go into “interrogation mode” when asking for this information and to provide reassurance of your expertise at each step of the way. For example advising that you’ve worked with this particular estate agent extensively, or you know the area well having bought here yourself, or provide statistics about your own completions time etc.

By establishing this level of detail you provide reassurance to the enquirer that you a) are an expert in your field b) know what you’re doing and c) can deliver the work for the price quoted.

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