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It’s easy to feel a false sense of security where scam emails are concerned.

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What we do

With the rise in digital technology, scammers are becoming savvier and the emails that you’d immediately flag as junk are becoming more believable. As the email traffic to your inboxes increases, it can be easy to forget that these emails are a potential threat, especially when your focus is elsewhere.

We will test your staff to give you a clear indication of how they would deal with a phishing scam and provide feedback on the consequences had it been real.

By highlighting the weaknesses in your staff’s knowledge and providing them with the right advice, you can ensure that your firm is aware of the risks and are fully prepared should a scam take place.

What makes us different

We can identify weaknesses and gaps in your staff’s security training before the scammers do

After sending your firm a test phishing email, we will provide feedback on what the potentially disastrous consequences could have been for your firm

We can identify and report on any outdated browser software that may be exposing your firm to increased risk


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